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My Jomo is the ultimate phygital tool for your store.
It will help you boost sales by broadcasting personnalized messages and humanize your digital signage.

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Boost Sales

Digital signage can boost up to 70% your sales in store. My Jomo is here to help your sales representative with their sales pitch.

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Humanize Digital Signage

Store digitalization is at the center of your strategie but it needs to be human focus. Screen won't replace human contact and advise from your team, but with myjomo they're here to help!

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Personalized Messages

Engage people more esasily with messages on the video badge can be personalized to match perfectly the particularity of each point of sales.

How Does It Work?

You create your content and set up the Jomos on our platform

Create content relevant for your stores and customers

Create Content

Define when and how theses messages should be displayed on your team's Jomos

Set Scenarios

Send your creations to your team's Jomos instantly

Dispatch Messages

Equipe your team with the jomo and they can broadcast images all day in store.

Engage People

Happy Brands

20 000+
Images Created

100 000+
Hours Broadcasted

Cups Of Coffee

Fast Support

Amazing Features

This video badge is not your mom's button from the 90's and is packing some real technology!

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Real Time Messages

Push messages to your team in real time thanks to our web plateform or our phone app.

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4K Video

The screen might be small but the quality is amazing. Your design will look great on our badge!

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Data Driven Plateform

The real brain behind the badge is our plateform, it can talk to your internal data like stocks and also to outside database like the weather, location, etc... Making it easy for you to personalized and adapt the message to each store.

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You can update as many jomo as you want at the same time.

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Control One or Multiple Jomo

Choose on which badges to dispatch your messages, depending on location, weather, stocks available, people, etc...

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10+ Hours Autonomy

No charging hell with your jomo! Thanks to ts long lasting battery you can spend a whole work day without worrying about charging.

Hardware Specifications

Composed of aluminium and a silver magnetic ring, this smart badge has not ceased to surprise you.

Our Ultra High Definition screen displays stunning colourfull images. Built with the lastest generation of state of first class components, my Jomo is ready for to amaze you. Its bluetooth and wifi chipset will allow you to control it from anywhere around the world!
My Jomo is able to interact with almost anything.